We will begin accepting registration for our 2014-2015 preschool year in November. Morning or afternoon sessions are available 2, 3, or 5 days a week for children ages 2½ to 6 years.

Our program is geared to stimulate intelligence through creative learning experiences. The teaching staff is composed of loving and devoted professionals in early childhood education and development.

The concept of Banner Preschool is to provide a nurturing environment in which each child can grow and develop to his/her optimum potential and self worth. It is our belief that close communications between the home and the school is an essential ingredient for your child’s success during his early preschool years. We think of this as forming a partnership as teachers and parents work together. Parent/Teacher Conferences are also part of our early childhood program. We have an “open door policy” where parents are welcome to visit our classrooms at anytime.  We welcome you to our family based center.

At Banner we feel each child is unique. We make sure he/she feels this way too. This philosophy is carried out in the classroom as well as the home. A special home visit from the teacher is scheduled for each child. Birthdays, holiday parties, family traditions and culture are planned and shared throughout the year. 

A high quality program like ours believes that learning is our most exciting endeavor. The activities we do convey a feeling of celebration as we help children make new connections, find new meanings, and achieve new levels of skill and comprehension. Our humanistic approach to teaching provides a warm setting for close social interaction between peers and teachers. Our environment fosters a zest for learning and a positive self-esteem. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to engage in activities that will enhance their development in personal and social language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, nature studies, music, and art.  In addition we provide activities that promote physical development. We offer an indoor gym and an outdoor fenced in playground.  A music specialist is part of our staff.  We believe in a hands-on approach to our teaching. Our children learn best by being active participants in the learning process.

We cordially invite you to observe our preschool classrooms and talk with our teachers. Please call and make an appointment to visit our licensed and NAEYC accredited early childhood center.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions. Through the excellence of our director, staff, facilities, and our program, Banner is prepared to give your child an outstanding preschool experience. Join us for our 37th year in the Wilmette and Glenview community.

Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood Teacher Tributefile://localhost/AdelleWinnetkaAward.pdf

Banner Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment
3220 Big Tree Lane, Wilmette, Illinois 60091
Adell Kabins, Director: 847/251-3955

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"I was impressed by the detailed content of what the teachers wrote about my child, their observations and insights.  I think it reflects on the degree of care and personal attention given to each child in the program."
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