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Week 2 of Banner Bunch Summer Camp

Japanese Class

Happy birthday, Livy! This week we celebrated Livy's birthday in Miss Evie's class, as she turned 4-years-old! They had a great day at camp and enjoyed homemade muffins made by Evie herself. 

Our theme this week was "Beyond the Sky," which means we explored the stars and planets. During our first craft, the children drew stars on black paper and glued on their own pom-pom planets, creating their own little galaxy!

The children also made star jars, which when shaken create the illusion of many colorful stars in the sky as they float to the bottom of the jar. Thank you for another great week of camp!

Japanese class played with the sprinkler and filled up buckets with water to splash each other. They wore bubble wrap around our feet and walked on paper with paint on them which made a fun little craft! The children enjoyed the sounds and the feels of the bubble wrap popping under their feet while making the art. 

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