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Week 1 of Banner Bunch Summer Camp

Welcome back Campers! We kicked off our week with some simple, fun activities including coloring, drawing with chalk, playing on the playground, playing in the sandbox, and running through sprinklers.

Since the children did not bring lunch this year, we prepared some warm oatmeal with an optional topping of raisins and blueberries as a hearty meal.

Our craft this week was a simple watermelon fan. The children painted the watermelons on a half of a paper plate and we taped a popsicle stick on the back so they could use it as a fan for hot summer days.

Japanese Class

Our Japanese class enjoyed a lot of time outside. They went on nature walks, played with water toys, and played on the playground. Each of the children also received handmade masks sewn by Miss Tomoko! They also celebrated Erin and Patrick's birthday.

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