Main Programs

Young 2s

This program is dedicated to younger 2-year-olds and giving them a beautiful place to discover the world around them.

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Older 2, Young 3

This program is tailored to 2-year-olds and strives to give them an enriching education through play.

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All 3s

This program caters to all 3-year-olds while allowing them to learn and grow through play. 

All 4s

This program lends a warm environment to all 4-year-olds and prepares them for Kindergarten by teaching them through play.

3s and 4s

This program is a collaborative space for 3 and 4-year-olds and fully immerses them in an all-day learning experience.


This program immerses Japanese speaking children in a fun-filled, culturally enriching afternoon class.

Extended Day Programs

Lunch Bunch

This is an afternoon program where children eat a packed lunch and have some playtime.

After Care

This is a program where children stay after school and play until they are able to be picked up.


Including lunch bunch, this is an afternoon program where children are able to craft and play and do fun projects.

Kindergarten Enrichment

This program expands your child’s Kindergarten experience with by allowing them to continue to learn by exploring the world around them.  

Before Care

This is a program where children come early and play before school begins.