My 4-year-old started Banner preschool this year and we love it. She loves it! She wakes up wanting to go to school. She loves her teachers and the many activities they have going on post-school as well. I can't say enough about this school. The teachers are so accepting of other cultures and welcome us to share our festivals with everyone. Love love this school.

Lavanya Krishna

We could not be happier with the preschool choice we made for our daughters 3 years ago! They have absolutely thrived in this most loving, caring, nurturing environment we call Banner  From the amazing teachers to the safe and secure building and playground to the thoughtful curriculum - it's hands down the very best choice we have made for our children

Allison A.

ABSOLUTELY the best preschool I have ever experienced. My youngest two children have been at Banner for a combined 5 years so far. I have 5 older children who all went to preschool, and I must say none of my older children's preschools can hold a candle to Banner. The best I've ever seen in every way, shape and form.

Jimmy Place

We don't live extremely close to the school, we live much closer to other preschools in the area but chose Banner and have stuck with Banner for a number of reasons. My kids and I have made great friends here. Not just other parents, but the teachers and directors who become part of your daily lives and also care greatly for your children and you. There truly is a strong sense of community in the school. The teachers and directors all go out of their way to make school a fun place where learning can take place. 

Samantha M.

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